I have repeatedly conveyed and reaffirmed that we prioritize our nation's interests
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Great Indonesia Movement (Gerindra) Party Chief Patron Prabowo Subianto reaffirmed that his party had prioritized Indonesia's national interests in connection with whether his camp would remain within or outside the Joko Widodo (Jokowi)-Ma'ruf Amin administration.

Conversing with journalists in Jakarta on Sunday evening after meeting with National Democratic (Nasdem) Party leader Surya Paloh, he affirmed that Gerindra will take all possible steps and lend support for the sake of a strong Indonesia.

"I have repeatedly conveyed and reaffirmed that we prioritize our nation's interests. We support whatever it is that can strengthen Indonesia and is in keeping with our people's interests," he noted.

Gerindra will strive consistently to maintain the integrity and interests of the nation and state.

"Either we stay within or outside (the government), but we work for the Red and White," he affirmed.

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At their meeting, Subianto emphasized that both Gerindra and Nasdem share a love for Indonesia, so the two parties were keen that the country remains united. Instead, they agreed to prioritize the nation's interests over and above all vested ones.

He also expressed gratitude to Paloh for his invitation, so that their meeting, also attended by Nasdem's Advisory Council Chairman Siswono Yudo Husodo, could be held.

Subianto also admitted to Paloh being his good, long-time friend.

Nasdem leader Surya Paloh echoed the common vision shared by him and Prabowo to witness notable development in Indonesia and see it forge ahead while adding that his sound friendship with Prabowo Subianto is a great asset to building a good life of nationhood.

The two party leaders also agreed to three main points, with the first being their agreement on the need to boost the image of political parties by placing the interests of the nation and state above all vested ones, to maintain national integrity, and to orient the struggle in the direction of achieving national unity.

Secondly, they agreed to adopt all necessary measures to prevent and fight against all acts of radicalism based on ideologies that run counter to the state ideology of Pancasila and the fundamental consensus of Indonesia's nationhood.

Thirdly, they concurred that the 1945 Constitution should be amended comprehensively wherein it encompasses a need to govern the state in line with the current challenges and for a better future of the nation's life.

Before meeting with Paloh, Subianto had also met with incumbent President Jokowi at the Merdeka Palace on Friday during which they shared a common perspective on Indonesia's dire need for security and political stability.

Nasdem is one of the coalition parties of the Jokowi-Amin administration. Along with parties, such as the Golkar Party, Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Muslim-based United Development Party (PPP), and National Awakening Party (PKB), Nasdem demonstrated its unwavering support for the Jokowi-Amin camp during the campaign period of and the aftermath of the recent presidential elections.

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