We will encourage (the export of) swallow nest, and this edible nest is one of the special delicacies.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia's Trade Ministry will put the spotlight on swallow nest as one of its potential commodities at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) to be held on Nov 5-10 in Shanghai.

"We will encourage (the export of) swallow nest, and this edible nest is one of the special delicacies," Director General of National Export Development of the Trade Ministry Dody Edward stated here on Friday.

He pointed to China being a potential market for Indonesia's swallow nest export, with its population of over two billion.

"The demand in China is very high, and we will seize the opportunity. This holds even greater relevance based on the current sound relations between China and Indonesia," he added.

Some 80 percent of the swallow nests in the Chinese market are imported from Indonesia, while the rest are imported from Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

In addition to edible bird nest, the ministry will display crude palm oil (CPO) and its derivatives at the exhibition.

"Our CPO has a competitive price, and in future, it will become a source of renewable energy," Edward stated.

China is the largest trade partner for Indonesia, with trade in 2018 totaling US$72.7 billion. Bilateral trade during the period from January to August 2019 had reached $45.9 billion.

"Indonesia's main non-oil and gas exports to China comprise coal, palm oil and its derivatives, chemical wood pulp, ferronickel and concentrates," he stated.

Some 17 Indonesian companies will participate in the CIIE and showcase various products including CPO, coffee, tea, swallow nest, various food and beverage products, spices, biofuel, and plastic ore. Related news: 80 percent of swallow nest in China imported from Indonesia
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