Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) visited the "Developing Indonesia" themed Photo Exhibition showcasing 67 photos, including the one portraying the president holding two native Papuan kids, at the lobby of Neo Soho Mall, Jakarta, on Tuesday.

President Jokowi told journalists on the sidelines of the event held on Nov 10-17, 2019, that he was quite amazed at seeing the photographs being showcased, particularly the one of him holding the two native Papuan children.

The photograph was taken by the photo journalist of ANTARA News Agency, Puspa Perwitasari, while covering the president's working visit to Agats, Asmat District, Papua Province, in April 2018.

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President Jokowi lauded the ANTARA journalist for her ability to capture the ideal angle and moment, thereby resulting in a noteworthy piece of work.

"It is good," he stated, adding that the works, being displayed at the photo exhibition, brought to light his humanistic sides, outcomes of development programs, and "blusukan" (impromptu visits) during his visits to provinces, such as, Papua, Lampung, and Jakarta.

The president affirmed that the photos and pictures spoke a thousand words when captured from appropriate angles.

Some 67 selected photos, being showcased at the event, were curated by ANTARA's senior photo journalist Oscar Motuloh, who was recently granted the title of "Mpu Ageng," or professor in photojournalism, by the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta.

Motuloh also curated 97 photos for the content of a book titled "Developing Indonesia."

The book puts focus on the outcomes of development programs in the first leadership term of Jokowi and is expected to offer valuable inputs for the Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin administration. Related news: Jokowi ready to erect Jayapura's presidential palace: Papuan figure

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Translator: Bayu P, Rahmad Nasution
Editor: Yuni Arisandy Sinaga
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