Jakarta (ANTARA) - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin urged all societal elements to build a narrative of harmony to thwart radicalism while concurrently abstaining from the use of words that could incite intolerance.

"Everyone, be it from Muslim or non-Muslim communities, should build a narrative of harmony rather than that of conflict. Do not develop a narrative that pits one against the other, such as by using the word 'kafir,'" Vice President Amin stated at the Vice Presidential Palace in Jakarta, Friday.

He further highlighted the need to continually project and portray positive expressions, particularly on social media platforms, to foster a sense of kinship and prevent conflicts among people.

The vice president cautioned about hate speeches circulating on social media platforms having the potential to trigger conflict. To this end, the habit of creating a narrative of peace and harmony should be cultivated since an early age.

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"Hence, to all groups, do not bring a narration of conflict, as this can also generate feelings of hostility. Indonesia is a peaceful and safe territory, a darussalam territory. Do not bring conflict energy into Indonesia," he stated.

During several instances, VP Amin had pointed to radical and intolerant demeanor springing from one's mindset that later translated into actions.

In order to prevent the spread of radicalism, VP Amin firmly requested ulemas and religious teachers to teach moderate or wasathiyah Islam.

Recently, a 24-year-old perpetrator, identified by the initials as RMN, conducted a suicide bombing terror attack in Medan, North Sumatra, at the local police command center on Wednesday (Nov 13) morning.

It became apparent that RMN was indoctrinated by radicalism, along with his wife, identified by the initials as DA.

Such teachings were allegedly imparted by his Quran teacher, SA, who is currently on the police’s wanted list.

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