Sulut, Tahuna (ANTARA) - Not even a month after seven Filipino fishermen who stole fish in the Indonesian waters were caught on October 22, 2019, the ship of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) has recaptured three fishermen from the Philippines.

The patrol boat named shark 15 led by Captain, Aldy Firmansyah, from the Monitoring Station of Maritime and Fisheries Resources in Tahuna, Saturday (11/16/2019), recaptured three fishermen from the Philippines using a pump boat in Indonesian waters.

The three foreign fishermen from the Philippines are suspected of stealing fish in the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone, precisely in the waters of Sulawesi.

The Investigation Team of the Monitoring Station of the Maritime and Fisheries Resources in Tahuna, Sutrisno Kumaat, said that the patrol boat named shark 15 led by Firmansyah had arrested a fishing boat and three crew members because they carried out activities in Indonesian waters.

When inspected by the fisheries officers, the three fishermen were unable to show documents and fishing permits, and all crew members did not have a passport.

"The Philippines fishing fleet is fishing in Indonesian waters without official documents from the Indonesian side. So it violates article 93 paragraph 2 juncto 27 paragraph 2 of Law 45/2009, "he said.

Meanwhile, Firmansyah said, "When examined, it was proven that in the pump boat there were five tuna fish weighing 250 kg and 14 units of fishing gear."

So they were herded by the patrol boat into the waters of the Sangihe District, namely at the Tahuna Old Port.

"The three fishermen are from Ginsan Kalumpang Philippines, and they have been operating in the Indonesian sea for three days," Firmansyah said.

"When we conducted the inspection on Saturday (11/16/2019 red) around 11:00 local time, the three fishermen from the Philippines were very cooperative. There was no resistance when examined, "he said. Related news: Navy detains dozens of illegal Filipino fishermen in Sangihe
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