Pancasila is cultivated by the nation's leaders who come from different backgrounds
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The state ideology Pancasila is non-negotiable for Indonesia so that the entire nation must have a common spirit of opposing radicalism and terrorism which potentially distruct the national unity, Deputy Speaker of the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) Ahmad Muzani said.

"Pancasila is cultivated by the nation's leaders who come from different backgrounds. We need to reach a common agreement to enable this nation to keep standing solidly because it is a multiethnic, multiracial, and multicultural one," he said.

As revealed in his press statement that made available to ANTARA in Jakarta on Sunday, Ahmad Muzani said the nation's leaders, including religious figures, have agreed that Pancasila is the foundation for the nation and state's deliberation.

Indonesia is very lucky to have Pancasila because, as the state's ideology, it has contributed to its solid existence and made the entire people from socio-cultural and racial backgrounds to remain united within the Unitary State of Indonesia, he said.

He conveyed his perspectives on Pancasila when speaking at Indonesia's 2019 Islamic Young Leaders Summit at the Parliament Building in Senayan, Jakarta, on Saturday.

As the state ideology, Pancasila must be un-negotiable and be rooted in the hearts and minds of every citizen, he added.

In his second leadership term, President Joko Widodo has repeatedly highligted the real threats of proliferated radicalism and terrorism.

In addressing this problem, the government and related stakeholders intensify deradicalization efforts.

Commenting on how to deal with radicalism, Head of the Jenderal Soedirman University's Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Luthfi Makhasin recently said deradicalization efforts in Indonesia could not come just from law enforcement agencies.

Instead, the attempts to deradicalize targeted members of communities should also engage other related stakeholders. "The deradicalization efforts cannot just be made by security personnel alone," he said.

An appropriate understanding of the subject is imperative for people who are involved in the efforts to negate religious radicalism and deradicalization and make it a success, he said.

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