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AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Dec. 3, 2019 (Antara/Xinhua-AsiaNet)--

Now it is easy for people to buy Ambrosial yoghurt in Singapore and Burma's supermarkets and convenience stores; 14 flavors of Joyday ice cream are popular in Indonesia. These delicious and novel products launched in Southeast Asian markets in recent years come from Yili Group, the first dairy enterprise in Asia. Careful consumers in Southeast Asia are beginning to find that Yili's entry into the region has provided a wide choice of delicious products on the shelves.

Pooling premium global quality resources to better serve consumers is not only an important goal of Yili's international development, but also its significant action to build the "World Integrally Sharing Health". In recent years, Yili's frequent investments in New Zealand, the world-famous source of top milk has drawn attention from all over the world.

Since 2013, Yili has started to make a forward-looking layout in New Zealand by developing multi-level cooperation with the country in the areas of industrial operation, investment mergers and acquisitions, innovative research and development, and sustainable development. Yili Oceania Production Base, with an investment of 3 billion RMB, is one of the largest integrated dairy production bases in the world. The products from the base, such as Satine New Zealand pure milk and PRO-KIDO Ruihu infant formula milk powder, are favored by consumers and have been a bright spot at this year's China International Import Expo.

On November 30, Zhang Jianqiu and the Chinese economic and trade delegation visited the Yili Oceania Dairy Production Base. At the previous New Zealand-China Business Council Forum, Yili delivered its positive signal to join global partners in promoting human health. Zhang Jianqiu, executive president of Yili Group, chairman unit of the China and New Zealand Business Council, said Yili will remain committed to strengthening practical cooperation with New Zealand business community, for purposes of supplying a steady source of high-quality dairy products originated from New Zealand to consumers around the world, thus realizing the dream of "World Integrally Sharing Health".

The climate and geography make it difficult for the dairy industry to develop in Southeast Asia, but with the improvement of health awareness, increasingly more consumers in this region opt for dairy products. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand boasts high-quality milk resources, and its dairy production scale leads the world; The population of 650 million contributes a dairy product consumption growth rate of more than 10% per annum, which makes Southeast Asia an important emerging market for the global dairy industry. How to effectively sell the abundant milk of New Zealand to the Southeast Asia is an important opportunity for the industry.

Yili has brought healthcare food to the Southeast Asian market and made contributions to its economic growth and people's livelihood in a longer-term. In the course of development, Yili is committed to the localization development strategy, vigorously taps and cultivates local talents, and has created more than 800 jobs in Thailand. In Indonesia, its factory construction plans are progressing steadily and are expected to be completed and put into operation next year, including cooperation with local milk sources, which will generate more jobs and tax. Yili continued to ramp up investment in Southeast Asia, so that Southeast Asia's dairy industry will enter the fast track of development.

For a long time, Yili has taken innovation as a key driver of enterprise development, and put forward the development concept of "no innovation, no future" to promote the innovation and development of the global dairy industry. It leads the "SINO-U.S. Food Wisdom Valley" project in the United States, upgrades the R&D center to an innovation center in Europe, and establishes the Yili Oceania Innovation Center in New Zealand. In October, Yili's SABL yoghurt won the "Best Yoghurt Innovation of the Year" at the 6th Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2019. The continuous accumulation of innovative achievements is the evidence of the success of Yili's innovation strategy.

Economic globalization is a must and win-win cooperation is the trend. As a vital global consumer market, Southeast Asia will play an increasingly important role in the Yili's global layout. Now, Yili is actively working with all sectors in Southeast Asia to adopt the concept of global operation and localization management, and share the development results with the local. Focus on the future, Yili, with a sincere and inclusive attitude, will promote the cooperation of the whole industrial chain to be comprehensive and in-depth, and form synergy in resources, markets, innovation and other aspects for joint building of a "Global Health Ecosphere".

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