The embassy told us that his family would collect the body
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Jakarta Metropolitan Police is still waiting to hand over the body of an alleged Pakistani drug lord, identified by his initial SH, to his family, at the Kramat Jati Police Hospital, a spokesperson stated here, today. The police had contacted the embassy regarding the remains, the Jakarta Metropolitan Police's spokesperson, Police Chief Commissioner Yusri Yunus reaffirmed in Jakarta.

"The embassy told us that his family would collect the body," Yunus added.

This alleged Pakistani drug lord that the police claimed to be part of a transnational drug ring that smuggled heroin from Pakistan to Indonesia was shot for resisting arrest.

Before the shooting, SH was arrested at Mangga Dua shopping center, Jakarta, Wednesday, December 11. During a search of the site, the police seized five kilograms of heroin that was possibly being sold to middle and upper class drug users.

Following the search, SH admitted to the police that he kept more contraband at other warehouses. While on the way to one of the warehouses, SH snatched a police officer's firearm, but other officers managed to gun down the suspect first. He was declared dead on his way to the hospital.

Regarding this case, the Embassy of Pakistan to Indonesia stated that it had been informed about the shooting and the body but had not yet received the remains from the police as the drug dealer's nationality was still to be verified.

"For the purpose of verification, the embassy's representatives visited the hospital on December 13, 2019 and took photographs of the body in order to share them with our authorities for verification of his nationality," the embassy's head of consular/second secretary, Jamal Nasir said in a statement received in Jakarta.

The embassy had prompted the police to share the official report of the incident while requesting fingerprint samples of the deceased for verification purposes. "The samples are still awaited from the police," the embassy added.

Despite the embassy not revealing the nationality of the dead man, it claimed the family of the accused lives in Makassar, South Sulawesi Province. "It is the responsibility of the police to verify and inform his family," the embassy remarked.

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