Floods swamp several areas in Bekasi

Floods swamp several areas in Bekasi

Floods struck the residential area in Duren Jaya, Bekasi City, West Java, on Wednesday (Jan 1, 2019). ANTARA/Pradita Kurniawan Syah/sh

Bekasi, West Java (ANTARA) - Torrential rains lashing through the night led to flooding in several areas in Bekasi City, West Java, on early Wednesday.

Floods submerged the roads, making them unpassable for both cars and motorcycles, including in the East Bekasi underpass, after the river near the tunnel overflowed.

"The rains did not stop since yesterday evening. Last night, the floodwaters had begun to inundate the roads, and since dawn, vehicles cannot ply on the road," Abdul, 37, a resident of Duren Jaya in East Bekasi Sub-district, stated.

The floodwaters also inundated residential areas, including in the Duren Jaya Complex in East Bekasi Sub-district and those in the sub-districts of Rawalumbu and Mustikajaya.

"Floodwaters, reaching up to the level of an adult’s waist, began rising since 3 a.m. local time," Kartono, 40, a resident of Duren Jaya Complex, noted.

In Rawalumbu, floodwaters hit the residential areas at 2 a.m. local time.  

"We have urged the BPBD (local disaster mitigation agency) to help evacuate the residents," Muhammad Alfi, 26, a resident, stated.

In North Bekasi Sub-district, floodwaters had reached a depth of one meter.

"Here, we need a rubber boat, as the floodwaters have reached the level of an adult's chest. Flooding resulted from the overflowing of the Bekasi River," Dewi, 17, a resident of Lebak Village, noted.

"We also need basic necessities since all we had got ruined by the floodwaters," she added.
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