ZALL Answers the Call: Fighting the Outbreak (2019-nCoV) with medical supplies from Asia, and field hospitals and quarantine facilities in Wuhan and Hubei

SINGAPORE, Feb 28, 2020 - (Antara/ACN Newswire) - ZALL Smart Commerce Group (ZALL), the premier e-commerce group in Asia, is leading the charge to provide medical supplies and humanitarian aid to the field hospitals and quarantine facilities in Hubei and Wuhan, as they continue their battle against the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak.

To date, ZALL has provided six air cargo shipments of emergency medical supplies, including masks, protective clothing, goggles, gloves, and disinfectants sourced from Asian countries including Cambodia, India, Japan, and the Philippines for the equivalence of RMB60 million (S$11.9 million).

Mr Peter Yu, ZALL Deputy Chief Executive said, "We were the first company to react to the shortage of medical resources in Wuhan, mobilizing partners across the Asian region to deliver emergency medical supplies including 3.2 million facemasks and 210,000 of medical protective clothing on 26 January, within 48 hours of the city's lockdown, tapping our global end-to-end supply chain networks and resources in Asia."

On the ground, ZALL partnered with local facilities to set up seven emergency hospitals and two quarantine field facilities in Wuhan and Hubei comprising of 7,500 beds, helping to alleviate the severe hospital bed shortage at the epicentre, and donated 10 new negative-pressure ambulances to transport coronavirus patients.

Since the lockdown, all flights and passenger train services from Wuhan have been cancelled and stopped, while intra-city transport such as buses, subways, and ferries are being suspended. The Hubei government has further imposed a ban on vehicle transport across the province to curb the spread of the virus.

Despite these restrictions, ZALL was able to secure the assistance of governments, embassies and civil aviation authorities in China, Cambodia and Japan, designating green lanes for expedited customs clearance, and arrange air cargo shipments for the emergency medical deliveries to Hubei and Wuhan.

"We have our eyes on global supply chains, and our immediate efforts have been to provide assistance to areas where we are seeing the greatest shortages in medical aid and equipment. We have been working with our best efforts to alleviate the crises," added Mr Yu.

ZALL incorporates environmental and social sustainability as part of its long-term growth strategy, and has invested in a number of sustainable development initiatives across the region. These include building schools to provide equal access to quality education, supporting the breeding of critically endangered species to protect terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity, investing in clean and affordable energy to tackle climate change, and digital banking to cater to the underserved SMEs and retail customers in Asia.

Since 2018, ZALL has invested in four projects in Singapore, including the Commodities Intelligence Centre (CIC), Singapore's first physical commodity eTrading platform (B2B) powered by blockchain technology; ZMA Smart Capital, an online trade finance company; ZALL Chain Technology, a blockchain solutions company; and the recent application for the Singapore digital banking licence. Through these and future initiatives, ZALL hopes to contribute to the development of digital finance, blockchain solutions and the trading ecosystem in Singapore.

[1] The seven emergency hospitals and two quarantine facilities are ZALL Changjiang Emergency Hospital; ZALL Jianghan Emergency Hospital; ZALL Dabieshan Emergency Hospital; ZALL Panlong Cheng Emergency Hospital; ZALL Luotian Emergency Hospital; ZALL Jingjiang Emergency Hospital; ZALL Suizhou Emergency Hospital; ZALL (Wuhan Keting) Quarantine Facility; Wuhan International Exhibition Centre ZALL (Jianghan) Quarantine Facility.
[2] ZALL donated RMB60 million towards building the Sanli Fan Dehe Primary School with 36 classes for over 1,500 students in support of access to quality education worldwide.
[3] ZALL supports the breeding program of the Aythya Baeri (Baer's Pochard), a critically endangered diving bird, to protect terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity. Only 1,000 remain globally, of which 300 gather in Wuhan.
[4] ZALL invests in affordable and clean energy, cooperating with mining companies such as Indonesia's PT AME, to enable independent power plants to generate less coal ash and comply with global emissions standards through clean coal technology. ZALL further facilitated the shift towards clean energy with the international procurement and distribution of LNG in China through Singapore.
[5] ZALL operates Z-Bank, a digital bank in China which supports more than 12 million SMEs and retail customers (as of 12/2019). The Group currently leads a consortium for the digital bank license in Singapore.

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