Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesian House Speaker Puan Maharani has urged the government to establish a national team to tackle the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The national team can be in the form of a task force, which is cross-ministerial and cross-regional in nature, to make the handling efforts measurable and ensure that the World Health Organization (WHO) standards are met.

"Since the outbreak took place, I, as chairperson of the House of Representatives (DPR), have repeatedly reminded the government to immediately form a centralized national team to deal with the coronavirus outbreak to facilitate coordinated and integrated handling of the coronavirus outbreak," Maharani noted in a release here on Wednesday.

An emergency situation necessitates the government to take swift, measurable, coordinated, and integrated actions that are in accordance with the WHO protocol standards, she affirmed.

The government is currently yet deliberating on the formation of a task force on COVID-19, she revealed.

The House Speaker also urged the government to immediately cooperate with the international communities to overcome the COVID-19 epidemic, including learning from the experiences of other countries that succeeded in curbing the epidemic.

Moreover, the government should step up massive screening to avert the spread of the coronavirus, she stated.

The House Speaker also urged members of the Parliament to proactively help to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Related news: Government has adequate protective gear for COVID-19
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