A total of 5,816 people have registered as volunteers, comprising 1,808 medical volunteers and 4,008 non-medical volunteers
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The volunteer desk of the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) had, until Saturday (March 28), registered 1,808 medical volunteers for handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

"A total of 5,816 people have registered as volunteers, comprising 1,808 medical volunteers and 4,008 non-medical volunteers," Chairman of the Indonesia Disaster Mitigation Community (MPBI) Dandi Prasetia stated at press briefing here on Sunday.

Prasetia remarked that the medical volunteers comprised 32 that had applied as administrative officers, 56 as pharmacists, four specialists, 93 general practitioners, 113 public health practitioners, 776 nurses, 12 psychologists, and 201 laboratory technicians.

Meanwhile, the 4,008 applicants to serve as non-medical volunteers constituted 115 nutritionists, 324 midwives, 274 to serve in public kitchens, 1,024 in logistics and warehouses, four radiographers, 549 ambulance team and drivers, and 68 machinery and electricity technicians.

Other non-medical volunteers comprised 983 in the general administrative unit, 201 for cleaning service, 207 in environmental health, 133 as sanitarians, 62 for pharmaceuticals, and 585 in unknown unit.

Prasetia pointed to the high level of enthusiasm among people to volunteer to handle the COVID-19 crisis, though adding that hospitals and humanitarian institutions will require competent human resources, as the pandemic may protract and potentially spread across the country.

"Volunteers need to be competent and have a general understanding of health and safety," he emphasized.

Coordinator for Volunteers of the COVID-19 Task Force Andre Rahardian had earlier pointed out that Indonesia was facing a shortage of 1,500 doctors and laboratory technicians to serve as volunteers to handle the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

"We also need 2,500 nurses and some administrative officers for hospitals and ambulance drivers," Rahardian revealed. Related news: Indonesia records 1,285 cases, 114 death toll from COVID-19

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