Govt warns of asymptomatic individuals being potential corona carriers

Govt warns of asymptomatic individuals being potential corona carriers

The government spokesman for COVID-19 handling Achmad Yurianto at a press conference on COVID-19 situation update in Jakarta on Saturday (April 4, 2020). ANTARA/Asep Firmansyah/sh

We should be wary about transmission among members of society by asymptomatic persons.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Government's spokesman for COVID-19 handling Achmad Yurianto has warned of the dangers posed by asymptomatic individuals, who can be potential carriers of the coronavirus, as positive cases rose by 106 to reach 2,092 on Saturday.

"We should be wary of transmission by asymptomatic persons to members of society. We know this, as OTG (asymptomatic persons) can be potential transmitters of (the virus)," Yurianto remarked during a press conference of the Task Force for Acceleration of COVID-19 Handling here on Saturday.

Yurianto pointed out that the spike in the number of transmissions indicated that OTG might be acting as potential carriers of coronavirus. Asymptomatic individuals are those infected by the virus but did not exhibit any symptoms.

As of Saturday, the number of COVID-19 cases in the country had reached 2,092, with Jakarta and West Java having recorded the highest increase of 55 and 24 cases respectively, as compared to those on Friday.

The number of recovered patients has increased by 16 to reach 150 people, while the virus had claimed the lives of 191 others or the number of deaths increased by 10.

"The (OTG) are high potential carriers. This person did not show any symptom. On the other hand, many people have yet to follow the call of physical distancing. From time to time, this has become our concern that the transmission will continue," he pointed out.

Yurianto appealed to people to abide by the government's call to stay at home, as this has been viewed as the best possible solution to cut the chain of coronavirus transmission.

"Hence, we call on people to inculcate their practice as part of the efforts in addition to maintaining personal hygiene by washing hands with running water for at least 20 seconds and stopping the habit of touching the face, mouth, nose, and eyes. This the most classic route of the infection (of the disease)," he elaborated.
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