Police issues telegram to thwart cybercrimes during COVID-19 pandemic

Police issues telegram to thwart cybercrimes during COVID-19 pandemic

Illustration - Cyber crime. ANTARA / HO-Kaspersky

Jakarta (ANTARA) - National Police Chief General Pol. Idham Azis issued a telegram letter on guidelines pertaining to the criminal investigation department’s tasks to tackle crimes in cyberspace and law enforcement in addressing cybercrimes during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Issuance of the Chief of Police's Telegram Letter was confirmed by Head of the National Police's Criminal Investigation Department Commissioner General Pol. Listyo Sigit Prabowo, who represented the National Police Chief while signing the letter.

"(The telegram letter) contains guidelines for tasks to be fulfilled during the coronavirus outbreak that describe the development of the situation in cyberspace and enforcement of measures to address cybercriminal acts," Prabowo remarked when contacted on Sunday.

The Telegram Letter number ST / 1100 / IV / HUK.7.1 / 2020, dated April 4, 2020, draws attention to several forms of violations or crimes and problems that might occur during the emergency period in the form of compromise to the resilience of internet data access, spread of hoaxes on COVID- 19 and government policies, insults targeting presidents and government officials, fraud in the sales of health products, and crimes involving people not adhering to health quarantine protocols.

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To ensure smooth internet access, the ranks of the National Police are urged to coordinate with internet service providers and ensure security while they conduct routine maintenance.

Furthermore, the National Police was called on to raise greater public awareness on the central government’s policy in overcoming the COVID-19 crisis.

To tackle crimes in cyberspace, ranks of the National Police are urged to campaign for war on cybercrimes and conduct cyber patrols to thwart the spread of hoaxes and hate speeches and put a stop to acts of fraudulent online sales.

The National Police is called on to conduct stringent law enforcement and notify the public on cases that were successfully brought to light and successfully handled to serve as a deterrent effect and prevent similar crimes in future.

The Chief of Police's Telegram letter was addressed to the head of National Police's Criminal Investigation Department and all regional police chiefs.

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