Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Task Force for the Acceleration of COVID-19 Response recorded 3,512 confirmed COVID-19 cases all across the country's 34 provinces on Friday, as Gorontalo Province in Sulawesi reported its first positive case.

Achmad Yurianto, the government’s spokesperson for COVID-19 Response, informed the press on Friday that the death toll had reached 306 and 282 had recovered.

"The 219 new positive cases bring the total to 3,512, while 30 patients recovered, and 26 new fatalities were recorded," he added.

On Thursday (Apr 9), some 3,293 positive cases of COVID-19 were registered, with 252 patients having recovered and 280 other patients dead.

Jakarta has remained the epicenter of the epidemic in Indonesia, with a record of some 50 percent of the nation’s total cases, notably 1,753 confirmed cases and 154 deaths on Friday, a spike from 1,706 positive cases and 142 deaths on the previous day.

Within a period of 24 hours, as many as 47 people were reported infected and 12 patients died in Jakarta.

From the data compiled by the Ministry of Health, the number of confirmed cases in East Java increased by 33 cases and South Sulawesi, 29 cases.

Banten and West Java recoded 25 and 12 new additional cases respectively.

COVID-19 positive cases in Indonesia's 34 provinces comprise five cases in Aceh, 75 cases in Bali, 243 cases in Banten, three cases in Bangka Belitung, 41 cases in Yogyakarta, 1,753 cases in Jakarta, two cases in Jambi, 388 cases in West Java, 144 cases in Central Java, 256 cases in East Java, 10 cases in West Kalimantan, 35 cases in East Kalimantan, 24 cases in Central Kalimantan, 29 cases in South Kalimantan, 16 cases in North Kalimantan, 21 cases in Riau Islands, 25 cases in NTB, 21 cases in South Sumatra, 31 cases in West Sumatra, 13 cases in North Sulawesi, 15 cases in Southeast Sulawesi, 167 cases in South Sulawesi, 14 cases in Central Sulawesi, 59 cases in North Sumatra, 20 cases in Lampung, 13 cases in Riau, two cases in North Maluku, three cases in Maluku, two cases in West Papua, 38 in Papua, three cases in West Sulawesi, and one case each in NTT and Gorontalo. Related news: Jakarta records nearly one thousand confirmed COVID-19 cases
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