Jakarta (ANTARA) - Government spokesperson for COVID-19 handling, Achmad Yurianto, on Wednesday urged citizens to not be swayed by hoaxes that are being circulated about the coronavirus.

"We have been continuously asking people to monitor news stories updated by the government through its formal channel so they must not be easily provoked by unaccountable news," Yurianto said here on Wednesday.

He noted that people’s ability to filter information is important to prevent them from being swayed by false news.

He said some trusted sources of information for the public include COVID19.co.id, ANTARANews.com, emergency hotline (119), WhatsApp COVID, Halo Kemkes (1500567), and state-run broadcasters TVRI and RRI.

So far, the police has handled 43 cases of coronavirus-related hoaxes and named some suspects.

"There have been 43 cases and they have been handled by the Jakarta Metro Police," spokesperson for the Jakarta Police, Senior Commissioner Yusri Yunus, said.

The police would continue to hunt those propagating hoaxes which have sparked public anxiety, he added.

"As conveyed by the Police Chief yesterday, the police would continue to arrest propagators of hoaxes amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the false news (stories) they spread have sparked public anxiety," Yusri said.

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Translator: Fianda Sjofjan R, Sri Haryati
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