Baturaja (ANTARA) - Landslides cut off access to the main road connecting tens of villages in Ulu Ogan Sub-district, Ogan Komering Ulu (OKU), South Sumatra Province, following unremitting torrential rains on Friday evening.

"Boulders rolled down the hill and blocked the main road usually taken by the residents in Ulu Ogan District," Dapid, a resident of Belandang Village, Ulu Ogan District, remarked here on Saturday.

The stones obstructed the intersection of the sub-district's main roads, thereby preventing vehicular passage on the roads.

"If this is the case, the residents of dozens of villages in Ulu Ogan Sub-district could likely become isolated since their work would have been impacted by the landslides," he pointed out.

Head of the OKU Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Amzar Kristofa had earlier stated that the landslides, triggered by heavy rains on Thursday night, resulted in large rocks, weighing some 25 tons, piling up on the main road in Ulu Ogan.

"We have attempted to seek assistance in the form of heavy equipment from the Office of the Environment (DLH) of OKU District. However, until this night, the stones had yet to be removed. Currently, another approach is being sought to solve the problem caused by the landslide," he noted. Related news: Floods, landslides impact Bandung, West Bandung districts in West Java
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Translator: Edo Purman, Fardah
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