Muara Teweh, C Kalimantan (ANTARA) - Floods triggered by the overflowing of the Barito River have submerged eight of the nine sub-districts in North Barito District, Central Kalimantan.

"The flooding caused by the spilling over of the Barito River has affected at least one thousand residents," Head of the Disaster Mitigation Office (BPBD) of North Barito Gazali was quoted as saying by Rizali Hadi, his subordinate, here on Saturday.

The eight affected sub-districts are — Lahei, West Lahei, Central Teweh, Teweh Baru, South Teweh, Montallat, East Teweh, and Gunung Timang.

The flood waters have reached a height of between 50 cm to two meters in the affected areas.

"All villages along the Barito River have been flooded, including those located along the river’s tributaries, namely Teweh River and Montallat River," said Hadi.

The local authorities have distributed relief, such as rice, to flood victims.

"We have distributed rice to residents affected by the flood since yesterday (May 1, 2020) in Jambu and Jingah villages of Teweh Baru Sub-district, and other places," the official said.

Eveready Noor of the North Barito Social Affairs Office said relief has been distributed to 13,874 families, comprising 50,000 persons, in 74 villages.

“We have provided 100,000 kilograms of rice as five-day stock," he said.

On Friday night, the flood had begun to recede, but the water level increased again on Saturday following incessant and heavy rainfall.

"This is the second flood in a month, and today (the flood water) is deeper than during the flood in early April," Adi, a local resident of Muara Teweh, said.

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