Banda Aceh, Aceh (ANTARA) - Floods in Darul Imarah Sub-district, Aceh Besar District, Aceh Province, drove the displacement of hundreds of residents, Aceh Besar District Head Mawardi Ali stated here on Friday night.

The flood victims were accommodated temporarily in the Garot elementary school building.

"As of tonight, the number of evacuees continues to grow. Based on the latest data we have collected, the figure reaches 127 families, most of whom are from Gampong Garot, while some are from other villages in Aceh Besar," he remarked.

Ali noted that the Aceh Besar district government had readied a public kitchen and logistics at the school for those displaced by the floods.

"Everything -- food and beverages -- have been prepared. There is still requirement for children's diapers. Tonight, we are also making efforts to be there," he revealed.

In addition to the Darul Imarah Sub-district, floods inundated the sub-districts of Peukan Bada and Lhoong in Aceh Besar.

A total of 20 families in Peukan Bada were affected by the flooding and were offered relief aid.

"The head of Peukan Bada Sub-District reported that assistance was extended to flood victims in his area of duty, and a public kitchen and logistics for flood-affected residents had been prepared," he stated.

Flooding has cut off road access to Lhoong Sub-district, so the condition in the sub-district was yet unknown.

"We were supposed to go to Lhoong tonight. However, a landslide in Mount Kulu cut off access to Lhoong. Heavy equipment was deployed there, and access to Lhoong is expected to be reopened," Ali remarked. Related news: Flood sweeps through six villages in Jambi
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