Surabaya, E Java (ANTARA) - The Indonesian National Intelligence Agency (BIN) has provided thousands of medical devices and personal protective equipment (PPEs) to handle COVID-19 cases in Surabaya, East Java Province.

Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini remarked here on Friday that BIN’s medical aid was transported aboard container trucks that arrived at the Surabaya City Hall on the night of Thursday, May 28.

Furthermore, the Surabaya municipal administration received an ambulance and a laboratory vehicle for swab tests.

The BIN assistance comprised two real time PCRs, five thousand reagent PCR test kits, five thousand Virus Transport Media (VTM), laminar airflow cabinet, PCR box, two vortex, and three mini centrifuges.

A 2-8°C refrigerator, -20°C freezer, three micropipette sets, two biosafety cabinets, two Biotecon automated extraction machines, a refrigerated centrifuge, an autoclave, a thermal mixer, a thermal block, an oven, and a -80°C freezer were also provided.

BIN also offered eight thousand N95 masks, eight thousand isolation gowns, eight thousand protective eyewear, eight thousand latex gloves, eight thousand pairs of medical footwear covers, and 15 thousand rapid test kits.

M. Fikser, spokesman of the Surabaya COVD-19 response, had earlier stated that the laboratory vehicle provided by BIN could be utilized to conduct rapid tests and swab tests.

"The vehicle can be used to conduct testing on 500 swab samples daily, and the results can be known immediately in the day," he revealed.

East Java is currently among the epicenters of COVID-19 transmission in Indonesia, with the number of confirmed cases reaching 4,271, as of May 28, 2020. Related news: Surabaya govt criticized for not breaking COVID-19 chain during PSBB
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Translator: Abdul Hakim, Fardah
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