BKSDA catch Sumatran tiger wandering around Solok's plantation area

BKSDA catch Sumatran tiger wandering around Solok's plantation area

A documentation photo: A Sumatran tiger was lured into a trap in Aceh. ANTARA/HO-BKSDA Aceh

Arosuka, West Sumatra (ANTARA) - The West Sumatra Natural Resources Conservation Office (BKSDA), with assistance from the locals of Nagari Gantung Ciri, Kubung Sub-district, Solok, West Sumatra, Sunday, caught a female Sumatran tiger that usually roamed around the plantation area.

"This tiger is the second one to have been entrapped following the first one -- a juvenile tiger -- on Saturday (June 6)," Afrilius, head of the local conservation office (BKSDA), stated here on Sunday.

"Two tigers were caught, which means one more tiger is still at large. To this end, the local villagers must remain vigilant and must firstly avoid going to their fields for a while to avoid encountering the tigers' mother that might act in a hostile manner," he noted.

The tigers had allegedly wandered around the plantation area since their habitats were destroyed and encroached upon by people to open plantations.

"Tigers rarely interact with humans unless they are compelled. The tigers are believed to have been wandering for over a month in the Nagari Gantung Ciri plantation area and up to Nagari Jawi-Jawi Guguak at the end of Ramadhan (fasting month)," he noted.

Earlier, on Saturday (June 13), a tiger had also entered a trap set up by local residents. The tiger, estimated to be aged between 1.5 and two years, was immediately moved by the West Sumatra BKSDA to the Sumatran Tiger Rehabilitation Center (PHRS) in Dharmasraya.

Afrilius suspected that the tiger, captured on Sunday morning, was a member of a herd of three tigers that were earlier often encountered by residents in a plantation area in Gantung Ciri.

Hence, it is believed that another tiger is still roaming in the area.

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