Fisheries Ministry issues licenses to 26 baby lobster exporters

Fisheries Ministry issues licenses to 26 baby lobster exporters

Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Edhy Prabowo. (ANTARA/Khaerul Izan)

Indramayu, West Java (ANTARA) - The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Ministry has issued licenses to 26 companies for exporting baby lobsters, with the number of licenses likely to increase since several entries are currently associated with licensing applications.

"We have issued 26 permits (for baby lobster exports) and will also increase the figure to up to 31 permits," KKP Minister Edhy Prabowo stated here on the night of Monday (July 6).

Prabowo remarked that one of the lobster export permits were aimed at boosting the income of fishermen, as they had always relied on baby lobster catches.

However, the fishermen's income automatically dipped following the ban, and they also had to face the legal process while catching baby lobsters.

The minister also responded to reports that levelled accusations of him favoring certain people in his close circle while granting lobster export licenses.

"Some people accused of being close to me, include Gerindra members. I do not even know when they registered it. However, remember, the reports mentioned only two or three people, and we have, in fact, issued 26 permits," he stated.

Prabowo claimed to be unaware of whom the permits were given while clarifying that he personally did not issue the permits, but a team from the KKP Ministry was in charge of the permit issuance.

The minister made assurance that none of his family members were involved in the business. Related news: Chinese citizen arrested for smuggling baby lobsters: police
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