Police find a hectare of cannabis field in Bandung

Police find a hectare of cannabis field in Bandung

Cimahi Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Yoris Marzuki exposed the cannabis and ready-to-sell marijuana packages found in Cilengkrang Subdistrict, Bandung District on Sunday (July 12, 2020). ANTARA/Bagus Ahmad Rizaldi/sh

Bandung, W Java (ANTARA) - The Cimahi District Police found a hectare of cannabis field on Sunday in the forest area of Mount Bukit Tunggul in Cilengkrang Subdistrict, located between the districts of Bandung and West Bandung in West Java Province.

Cimahi Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Yoris Marzuki said the marijuana plants were planted in random along with banana trees, vegetable, and other crops.

"This is the fruit of the investigation conducted by the Drug Investigation Unit (Satresnarkoba) team since July 8, 2020 following the arrest of two marijuana dealers," Marzuki said.

The field where the marijuana plants were found was a hillside in quinine forest within the area of Mount Bukit Tunggul. The police officers also arrested a suspect in a hut erected in the field.

The police investigators probed the case following the arrest of two suspected drug dealers that led to the arrest of two other dealers.

Based on their initial investigation, the police checked the location and found cannabis planted in the field.

Five suspects identified by their initials M, C, A, D served as the dealers and YN as the marijuana planter. They are now under the police custody for further investigation.

During the drug raid operation, the policemen also seized three kilograms of marijuana and dozens of marijuana plants from the field.

"This field has already existed for one year. They harvested the plants every three months. We are late as they had just harvested the cannabis two or three weeks ago," Marzuki said.

In each harvesting, the field could yield 40 kilograms of cannabis or some 1,000 to 2,000 cannabis stalks, sold at Rp6 million per kg, Marzuki said.

Head of the Drug Investigation Unit Adjunct Commissioner Andri Alam said the suspects obtained the cannabis seeds from Sumatra.

"We are still chasing other suspects," he said.

The suspects would be charged with Article 114 and 112 of the Law on Narcotics and could be sentenced to 15 years in prison. 

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