Maritime Affairs Ministry releases documentary titled "I am the ocean"

Maritime Affairs Ministry releases documentary titled "I am the ocean"

Documentary film titled "I am the ocean"

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia's Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Ministry released a documentary film titled "I am the ocean" to be aired during the Indonesia-Canada Congress to intensify awareness of the importance of the sea for public welfare.

The documentary film will be screened at the Indonesia Canada Congress to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day in 2020 in Ottawa, Canada, KKP's Director General of Marine Space Management, Aryo Hanggono, noted in a statement here on Monday.

Seas constitute nearly two-thirds of Indonesia's territory, with a coastline spanning 99,093 kilometers. Hanggono believes that marine and fisheries resources and the ecosystem hold huge potential.

According to Hanggono, this short story film was intentionally made in the drama-documentary format, with the key message being boosting awareness of the importance of coastal and marine ecosystems for the community. The sea is the source of life, while the ecosystem is the core of everything that should be maintained for sustainability.

"On the other hand, the management of coastal resources has not offered significant benefits for the welfare of the surrounding community, while their very existence is increasingly at risk. This vulnerability is portrayed through the short story film titled 'Akulah Samudera' (I am the ocean)," he stated.

In the meantime, after watching this short film, KKP Marine Services Director Miftahul Huda believes it would be a source of inspiration to others.

Huda opined that the Mangrove Sari marine tourism village program would help to better improve the condition of coastal areas and the community.

The film is produced by Dexandra Bayu and Kirana Kejora and directed by Ara Dwi Sagara. Related news: 0.59 million ton marine debris dumped in Indonesia: LIPI
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