KKP encourages speedier budget absorption to support economic recovery

KKP encourages speedier budget absorption to support economic recovery

KKP Secretary General Antam Novambar. ANTARA/HO-KKP Documentation

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) has encouraged to expedite budget absorption to facilitate the recovery of national economic conditions impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Government spending is one of the areas that can save our economy in this condition. Hence, we encourage to boost the absorption of the budget," KKP Secretary General Antam Novambar noted in a statement here on Wednesday.

Novambar expounded that 23 percent of the budget was absorbed for handling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the KKP.

To this end, the KKP secretary general has encouraged all directorates in the ministry to speed up absorption to facilitate economic recovery in Indonesia.

The KKP has budgeted some Rp355 billion for handling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic through 22 activities, including social activities in the form of distribution of food and fresh fish to the community to the provision of cold storage to accommodate the stocks of fishermen and cultivators.

Novambar was yet not fully content with the 23 percent absorption of the budget that is already running at the KKP. However, he admitted to being sentient of the obstacles faced by those utilizing the budget during the pandemic.

Some of the obstacles comprise vacillations in the prices of goods and services during the pandemic, a halt in production activities, and the legal umbrella of procurement.

The KKP secretary general believes that despite encouraging budget absorption, he would rather not have his team to deal with law enforcement in future.

"We continue to work in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations. Do not harbor fears. The important point to be noted is what we do is not for ourselves and our group," he emphasized.

Meanwhile, KKP Inspector General Muhammad Yusuf highlighted the need to uphold efficient, effective, transparent, open, competitive, fair, and accountable principles in the procurement of service goods.

"If all principles are followed, the legal logic will not be called by legal institutions, and no complaints will arise from our stakeholders," Yusuf pointed out.

In a pandemic situation, Yusuf believes that the procurement of goods and services can be guided by Perka LKPP No. 13 of 2018, wherein procurement does not have to be an auction, but can be by direct appointment, direct election, or self-management. Yusuf emphasized that the most important aspect is that procurement must continue to heed to the precautionary principle and applicable regulations.

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