Digital transformation can help cut govt spend: Deputy Minister

Digital transformation can help cut govt spend: Deputy Minister

Deputy Minister of Finance, Suahasil Nazara. (ANTARA/Astrid Faidlatul Habibah/am/ac)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Deputy Minister of Finance, Suahasil Nazara, has said digital transformation can lead to cuts in government spending, including through the implementation of online meetings and work activities, as witnessed since the emergence of COVID-19.

“We are working virtually and it reduces spending. This is a significant reduction,” he said at an online discussion in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Nazara said that spending on space rentals, business trips, and consumption can be cut down when meetings are held virtually.

However, he said, the government would still have to provide support to employees to enable them to continue to work online.

“(We need to) purchase supporting equipment for virtual activities that provide access to our employees, in order for them to be able to continue to work virtually actively,” he elaborated.

He emphasized that all efficiency and cost reductions from the implementation of digital transformation must serve as an encouragement for employee effectiveness at work.

"It (digital transformation) should be able to encourage the effectiveness of our work, boost our output, and not become something that we sacrifice when we do this," he said. (INE)

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