Multiple-vehicle crash in East Java's Jember claims five lives

Multiple-vehicle crash in East Java's Jember claims five lives

A multiple-vehicle collision killed five in Sempolan Village, Jember District of East Java. ANTARA/ HO-Sempolan Police

Jember, E Java (ANTARA) - Five people lost their lives, while five others suffered injuries in a fatal multiple-vehicle collision on the Jember-Banyuwangi Main Street in Sempolan Village, Jember District, in East Java.

"Five people died at the scene of the crash. The wounded victims were rushed to the nearest hospital," Sempolan Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner Suhartanto revealed here on Friday.

Two trucks and six motorcycles were involved in the accident that took place on Thursday (Aug 13) evening.

The five dead victims were identified as Deki (20), Susiatun (40), Narsiah Cindi Annuriyah (8), Rizky Kurniawan (22), and Murtohi (50).

Lukmanul Hakim (21), Samsuri (50), Moh. Kodir (25), M. Muhajir (21), and Trisia Oktaviana (20) suffered injuries in the collision.

Suhartanto revealed that the incident took place when a truck, carrying soybean and headed toward Jember, experienced a brake failure and hit a motorcycle at the Sempolan market.

The truck kept moving uncontrollably and rammed into two other motorcycles. It then collided with another truck carrying mineral water, thereby causing it to topple.

"The truck kept moving uncontrollably and hit three other motorcycles and only came to a standstill after it hit a house's fence in Sempolan Village," he stated.

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