Jakarta (ANTARA) - Japan's Wakino Art Factory has agreed to help put together a fireworks display for a series of community activities organized by the Sakuranesia Society at the Jember Fashion Carnival (JFC) from August 4 to August 6, 2024.

"Through this, we hope that the Indonesian people can see the combination of traditional Japanese fireworks with modern technology," the president director of Wakino Art Factory, Masahiro Wakino, told journalists at an educational exhibition in Jakarta on Friday.

He said he is expecting to work with Indonesians to stage a fireworks display that has never been seen before.

For the show in Jember, Wakino Art Factory will bring all its computerized fireworks devices from Japan.

Japanese fireworks have a long history dating back to the 17th century.

In the Edo period, fireworks were used as part of festivals and celebrations.

Since then, Japanese fireworks have become increasingly sophisticated on account of advances in technology and design.

Japanese fireworks have the advantage of coming in a variety of colors and shapes. They are also precisely timed.

These advantages are the result of a combination of traditional techniques and the latest innovations.

Japanese pyrotechnic artists also combine technical skills with artistic sensibilities to express their unique styles and personalities.

In addition, computer technology is now being fully utilized to create more artistic spaces where fireworks can be launched in 0.03 seconds, accompanied by music, lasers, and special lighting.

Japanese fireworks are an ever-evolving work of art. Their beauty and sophistication are the result of centuries of tradition and innovative technology that will be introduced in Indonesia, he said.

Sakura Ijuin from the Sakuranesia Society said that this is the first time she is planning to display such fireworks in Indonesia.

"Now, we are in the process of finding out what kind of fireworks launch has been carried out in Indonesia by asking various parties and looking for parties who have the potential to work with Sakuranesia to hold this fireworks launch.

Looking for local craftsmen," Ijuin informed.
She said that the Jember Fashion Festival committee had visited a site where Wakino was staging a fireworks display, and they really liked it and were very moved by it.

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