Manado, N Sulawesi (ANTARA) - The Indonesian government plans to build 300 homestays around the Bunaken marine park in North Sulawesi, according to Governor Olly Dondokambey.

"(The planned) development of self-financing houses to support the Manado-Likupang National Tourist Strategic Zone (KSPN) demonstrates the government's great attention to the North Sulawesi tourism sector," he noted here on Sunday.

Dondokambey made the statement while handing over assistance in the form of tourism self-financing homes to residents of Bunaken Village, Bunaken Islands Sub-district, Manado City. The assistance was a follow-up to his recent meeting with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in North Sulawesi.

At the meeting, the governor put forth the proposal for the construction of homestays near the tourist destination.

Only North Sulawesi has implemented the program on the construction of homestays near the tourist destination.

"The programs to assist the construction of homes have been in place in all parts of Indonesia. However, only North Sulawesi has the program to develop homestays (near tourist destinations)," he stated.

Dondokambey lauded the president's commitment and attention to develop the tourism sector in North Sulawesi.

"(During his visit to North Sulawesi), we brought Mr President to Bunaken, although he only looked at it from the port's pier. Mr President knows what we mean. It is excellent for Mr President to implement what he has spoken about, one of them being the construction of homestays," he stated.

Currently, 32 out of the targeted 300 homestays have been built around the Bunaken marine park, he added.

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