No compromises on health protocols during regional elections: Jokowi

No compromises on health protocols during regional elections: Jokowi

President Joko Widodo. ANTARA/HO-Presidential Secretariat Press Bureau/Lukas/aa.

Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo lent considerable weightage to no compromises being made in applying COVID-19 prevention health protocols during every stage of the 2020 regional elections, as the public health remains an unwavering priority.

"I need to once again reaffirm that the health of the people is everything, which means there would be no compromises in the implementation of health protocols," the president stated during a limited meeting from the Merdeka Palace in Jakarta, Tuesday, to discuss preparations for holding the simultaneous regional elections.

The head of state expressed belief that the nation and state could emerge out of the challenging times arising from the COVID-19 pandemic by successfully dealing with health-related issues. The most important approach today to deal with health issues is to maintain discipline in applying health protocols.

Hence, health protocols must be applied at every stage of the 2020 simultaneous regional elections.

"Once again, discipline must be exercised in implementing health protocols during the regional elections. They must be enforced, and there is no bargaining over this aspect," he emphasized.

President Widodo highlighted the criticality of implementing health protocols in the wake of gross health protocol violations still being conducted by prospective candidate pairs, including by holding concerts during the participation declarations, adding that such actions cannot be tolerated.

The head of state urged election management institutions, such as the General Election Commission, Election Supervisory Agency, local governments, military and police forces, law enforcement agencies, all community leaders, and organizational figures to actively discipline the public in implementing health protocols.

"All community leaders and organizational figures should be active in collectively maintaining discipline in the community in implementing health protocols," he affirmed.

Apart from stressing on the application of health protocols, the president also reminded civil apparatuses and law enforcement personnel to maintain democracy by staying neutral and refraining from leaning towards certain candidate pairs. Related news: Jokowi stresses on prioritizing public safety in handling COVID-19
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