Tourism authority turns to famtrips to revive Labuan Bajo

Tourism authority turns to famtrips to revive Labuan Bajo

A view of Labuan Bajo. (ANTARA/HO-Flores’ Labuan Bajo Tourism Authority Board)

Labuan Bajo has many unique and interesting destinations. Waringin Peak is very exotic and tourists can enjoy Labuan Bajo from the best angle
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Flores' Labuan Bajo Tourism Authority Board is striving to revive tourism in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, by holding Familiarization Trips (famtrips) for members of the media and reporters.


“We hope Labuan Bajo remains an excellent destination during the new normal transition phase. We have also implemented strict health protocols there. Through this famtrip, it is hoped that the public can gain a better understanding about the fact that the destination is very safe for visits," said chairperson of the board, Shana Fatina, on Wednesday.


The board organized a famtrip for the media from September 11-13 by inviting 17 representatives from print, online, and television media companies to visit the coveted tourism destination in a bid to boost its image.


“Promotion through the media is very effective. Especially considering that we need to return the Labuan Bajo destination market that had to temporarily be paused due to COVID-19. What is clear is that all activities and facilities in Labuan Bajo have been adapted to the health protocols in the new normal transition phase. Everything is safe. We hope for all tourists to abide by the regulations enforced," Fatina said.


The famtrip participants were invited to visit several destinations, including Waringin Peak, Padar Island, Rinca Island, Pink Beach, and Liang Ndara Traditional Village.


The trip started from Waringin Peak, a destination that has been known as a center as well as a creative hub for local arts.


Waringin Peak is the development point of the Labuan Bajo Super Priority Destination. Other zones are Pramuka Hill, Kampung Air, Container Port, Passenger Pier, and the Marina Area.


"Labuan Bajo has many unique and interesting destinations. Waringin Peak is very exotic and tourists can enjoy Labuan Bajo from the best angle," Fatina said.


On the second day of the famtrip, participants enjoyed Labuan Bajo marine tourism on board the Pinisi ship, and made a stop at Padar Island.


This spot is famous for its volcanic mountain topography, with meadows and bushes clad in dry climates.


The next destination was Rinca Island, which is famous for being part of the Komodo National Park. There are Komodo dragons, pigs, buffalos, and birds at the site. The Labuan Bajo marine tour has also been closed at Pink Beach.


As the name implies, Pink Beach has a coastline that is pink. The pink color comes from the microscopic Foraminifera biota, which give the coral its red pigment. The corals are carried by the waves towards the shoreline.


“Labuan Bajo is a complete destination with a variety of unique islands. Padar Island and Pink Beach are like heaven on earth because they are very beautiful. Here, tourists can see Komodo dragons up close. Komodo dragons live in the wild here, but everything is safe because adventures with Komodo are always accompanied by experts,” Fatina continued.


The Labuan Bajo Famtrip Media series ended with a visit to Liang Ndara on the last day, Sunday (September 13, 2020).


Liang Ndara is a major site for Flores art and culture. The destination has three waterfalls — Liang Kantor, Wae Rebus, and Wae Satar.


“Apart from nature, the art and local culture are still sustainable. This attraction can also be enjoyed by tourists," Fatina said. (INE)

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