Police should secure elections, prosecute health protocol violators:VP

Police should secure elections, prosecute health protocol violators:VP

Vice President Ma'ruf Amin. (ANTARA/ Secretariat of Vice President).

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Vice President Ma'ruf Amin has called on the National Police to guarantee security during the 2020 regional elections (Pilkada) and to act promptly in the event of violations of the mandatory COVID-19 health protocols.

While delivering material at the 29th National Police for Seminar of Regular Education (Dikreg) School of Staff and Leadership virtually from the vice president's official residence in Jakarta, Friday, Amin noted that the COVID-19 pandemic presents its own set of challenges for the police to conduct security duties.

"On the one hand, the police is mandated to concentrate on handling COVID-19, while on the other hand, it must ensure security during the ongoing election process. To this end, it is necessary to take adequate precautionary measures," Amin stated in Jakarta on Friday.

In the normal scenario, doubts cannot be cast on the National Police’s ability to oversee the implementation of the festival of democracy, both during the 2019 Presidential Election and the 2018 Simultaneous Pilkada, he affirmed. However, a pandemic situation necessitates the police to put in additional efforts in fulfilling their duties.

Amin additionally urged the National Police to maintain neutrality as a state apparatus, especially while handling potential cases of violations during the 2020 simultaneous regional elections.

"The National Police, as a state apparatus, continues to maintain neutrality in connection with potential violations, such as hoaxes and black campaigns, money politics, mass mobilization, and activities that can result in the violation of health protocols during the pandemic," he noted.

The vice president also lauded the leaders and all levels of the National Police for their efforts and for reminding the public to abide by health protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left all communities with no choice but to adjust to a new order that calls for adherence to health protocols for optimal performance. Implementation of the new order requires guarding on all fronts.

"This is because until the time preventive vaccines and curative drugs are made available, adherence to health protocols is the only most effective way to prevent transmission of COVID-19," he added.
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