PGN ready to channel gas to Tambak Lorok power plant

PGN ready to channel gas to Tambak Lorok power plant

PGN officials inspect a gas distribution channel. (ANTARA/HO-PGN)

Gas channeling from Kepodang field is ready.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned gas company PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN), through its subsidiary Saka Energy Muriah Ltd, is ready to channel gas from its Kepodang gas field to the Tambak Lorok power plant (PLTGU) in Central Java.

"Gas channeling from Kepodang field is ready. It needs to be done soon in order to conduct a performance test of the field and the surface production facility," PGN's director of business strategy and development, Syahrial Mukhtar, said in a statement here on Thursday.

The Kepodang gas field in Muriah block has been activated to meet the demand of the Tambak Lorok gas and steam-generated power plant and industry customers in Central Java, he said adding, the volume of natural gas channeled from the block is expected to reach 10-20 MMSCFD (million standard cubic feet per day).

“To support natural gas channeling to Tambak Lorok, it will be done under the sale and purchase agreement between PGN and PLN. Saka Energi has submitted the gas allocation and price to SKK Migas under the scheme," Mukhtar said.

A 201-km transmission pipe Kalija I, managed by PT Kalimantan Jawa Gas (KJG), is ready to channel the natural gas to the Tambak Lorok power plant, he informed.

PGN president director Suko Hartono said the activation of the Kepodang field would serve as a momentum for KJG and Saka Energi, as part of the gas sub-holding, to accelerate the monetization of the Kepodang field and boost national energy resilience.

"PGN will continue to strengthen its natural gas distribution and transmission business, and provide excellent service to customers in all sectors. The reactivation of the Kepodang field is expected to improve PGN's portfolio as a gas sub-holding and maintain national oil and gas lifting," he said. (INE)

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