Drug dealer shot dead in Surabaya

Drug dealer shot dead in Surabaya

(ANTARA/Didik Suhartono)

Surabaya, E Java (ANTARA) - A drug dealer, a resident of Malang, was shot dead in Surabaya, East Java, on Wednesday (December 23, 2020) after he attacked police officials in an attempt to evade arrest, said police.  

The drug dealer, identified as Agus Slamet, 34, allegedly attacked cops with a sharp weapon after he was caught selling drugs.


Police also apprehended another suspect, identified as WIJ, 25, who lives near Slamet's house, Surabaya Police chief, Sen.Coms. Johnny Eddison Isir, told ANTARA here on Friday.


The arrest of another suspect, AIH, led police to Slamet and WIJ. AIH was arrested at his home in Prambon neighborhood of Sidoarjo district, East Java, on December 5, 2020 over his alleged involvement in drug crimes, Isir informed.


Following AIH's arrest, police caught Slamet and WIJ dealing drugs. Police seized 2.04 kg of crystal methamphetamine from the three suspects, who were likely planning to supply the drug to partygoers on New Year's Eve, said Isir.


Isir appealed to the city's residents to abstain from celebrating New Year's Eve amid the ongoing pandemic situation and not get trapped into drug addiction.


As part of precautionary and preventive measures ahead of New Year's Eve, Surabaya city police are conducting surveillance operations in 15 targeted places, including hotels, apartments, and cafes, he informed.


Surabaya is among the Indonesian cities that are vulnerable to drug crimes. In August this year, East Java police launched a crackdown on a local drug ring and gunned down suspected drug dealer Vicky Erdianto, 25, after he allegedly tried to attack them.


Erdianto was reportedly shot after he seized a gun from policemen escorting him to Porong neighborhood area of Sidoarjo district to retrieve a crystal methamphetamine package from a hideout.


Isir said Erdianto had a criminal record and had been jailed at the Pamekasan Penitentiary in East Java province in connection with a drug case.


Indonesia's vast population and millions of drug users have made it a target for domestic and transnational drug dealers. Drug trade in the country is valued at nearly Rp66 trillion, with drug users cutting across socio-economic and professional backgrounds.


Professionals from the country's entertainment industry are also becoming entrenched in the drug crisis, which is evident from the arrests of several entertainers over consumption and trade of illicit drugs.


In the wake of the serious threat posed by drug lords, chief of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), Commissioner General Heru Winarko, has even sought capital punishment for those involved in drug trade in the country. (INE)

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