Bad weather affects January 2021 inflation: BPS

Bad weather affects January 2021 inflation: BPS

BPS Head Suhariyanto

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Bad weather owing to high rainfall intensity affected the Consumer Price Index (CPI), thereby resulting in Indonesia posting an inflation of 0.26 percent in January 2021, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS).

"The impact of La Nina has caused flooding in several production centers," BPS Head Suhariyanto stated here on Monday.

The prices of food, beverage, and tobacco contributed to the price hike, he pointed out.

The prices of cayenne pepper and fresh fish were also affected by bad weather. Suhariyanto noted that cayenne pepper had contributed 0.08 percent to inflation and fresh fish, 0.04 percent, to inflation.

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"The hike in price of cayenne pepper occurred in 87 cities, with the highest price increase in Kupang and and Bima," he remarked.

Other commodities that recorded a rise in price were tempe and tofu, which respectively contributed 0.03 percent and 0.02 percent to the inflation.

The price of tempe and tofu increased owing to a rise in the price of imported soybeans in the international market, he explained.

The BPS has urged the government to take precautionary measures against the impacts of floods in several areas since it can potentially disrupt the supply of several commodities, including rice, whose price had been stable and had no impact on inflation over the last two years.  Related news: Low inflation maintained in March: BI