Govt fights corruption through prevention, law enforcement: Jaleswari

Govt fights corruption through prevention, law enforcement: Jaleswari

Deputy V of the Presidential Staff Office, Jaleswari Pramodhawardani. ANTARA/HO-Presidential Staff Office.

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Presidential Staff Office's Deputy V, Jaleswari Pramodhawardani, highlighted the government's relentless efforts to implement prevention measures and enforce the law in fighting corruption. "The government wants to ensure that it will never stop to create an atmosphere of consistent prevention and prosecution of corruption," Pramodhawardani noted in a statement received here, Sunday.

The deputy’s statement came in close heels to the Corruption Eradication Commission’s (KPK’s) recent move to arrest South Sulawesi Governor, Nurdin Abdullah, along with five others from the provincial government and the private sector.

Pramodhawardani remarked that all parties concerned were awaiting details on the official status of Abdullah. She also appealed to all parties to leave it entirely to the KPK to conduct the legal process.

"We are certainly shocked by this, especially since Governor Nurdin Abdullah is known as a creative and innovative governor. Without the need to speculate, we leave it entirely to the KPK to implement the legal process as fairly as possible," she expounded.

The deputy emphasized that corruption is a common enemy that necessitates all parties to take serious action.

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Pramodhawardani remarked that the National Strategy for Corruption Prevention (Stranas PK) will continue to be strengthened to create an effective corruption prevention system by involving all ministries and/or agencies and local governments.

Strengthening prevention measures is deemed crucial to ensure transparent and accountable management by the government, so that any irregularities can be spotted more easily.

"The same applies to the prosecution. The government will give freedom to law enforcers to fulfill their duties and functions in a consistent and fair manner," she stated.

Furthermore, Pramodhawardani called for the prevention and prosecution of corruption to be conducted in a balanced manner. This especially holds relevance as Indonesia, with a score of 37 in 2020, had improved by three points on the Corruption Perception Index (IPK), from a score of 40 in 2019.

The deputy expressed strong belief that the decrease in the CPI should drive all parties, especially government and law enforcement officials, to become more serious in undertaking corruption prevention and prosecution efforts.

"We should not stop for a second to make these efforts. Never tolerate corruption," she emphasized. (INE)

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