Bangka Belitung makes South Korea main export market for tin

Bangka Belitung makes South Korea main export market for tin

Tin blocks from Bangka Belitung are ready to be exported. (Antara/Aprionis)

Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung (ANTARA) - South Korea is the main export destination for tin from Bangka Belitung Islands, with target value of 17.76 percent of the tin exported to the country in January-February 2021,  Statistics Indonesia (BPS) stated.

"In comparison with the same period in the previous year, tin exports to South Korea this year increased by around 2.57 percent," Head of BPS for the province Dwi Retno Wilujeng Wahyu Utami noted here on Friday.

Utami remarked that Singapore, India, the Netherlands, and Japan were among the five main export destinations for tin during the January-February 2021 period. The four countries contributed from 10.70 percent up to 14.14 percent.

"The five main destination countries for tin exports from the province contributed 67.09 percent," Utami stated.

She pointed out that exports from the province in February 2021 decreased by 13.04 percent from the same month in the previous year. Moreover, export value of the tin commodity dropped by 10.66 percent and that of the non-tin commodity also decreased by 22.86 percent.

The total export value in February this year reached US$117.77 million. (Meanwhile, the export value in the same month of the previous year was recorded at US$135.42 million)," she noted.

In comparison with the previous month, the export value in February 2021 increased by 16.68 percent. The surge was driven by an increase in tin exports by 18.87 percent and non-tin exports by 7.22 percent.

"During the period from January to February 2021, tin and non-tin exports respectively contributed 82.03 percent and 17.97 percent," she pointed out.