Nemangkawi task force should convince Papuans: Police Chief Prabowo

Nemangkawi task force should convince Papuans: Police Chief Prabowo

Police Chief Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo (left) ANTARA/Laily Rahmawaty

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Police Chief Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo has instructed the Nemangkawi Task Force personnel to strive to convince Papuan people of Indonesia’s adoration for Papua.

"Please continue to maintain solidity and synergy in safeguarding our territorial integrity in Papua. Please also convince them that we all love Papua," Prabowo affirmed.

In their security operation, the Nemangkawi Task Force personnel must prioritize the application of soft approaches, he remarked at the launch ceremony of the TV Radio Polri on Monday.

TV Radio Polri is a live-streaming program managed by the National Police's Public Relations Division to empower their public communication outreach in Indonesia.

Apart from the prioritized soft approaches, the task force personnel are allowed to respond in a measured way to those endangering their lives, Prabowo stated.

"I believe that the Nemangkawi task force personnel are able to convince all people of Papua that we all love Papua," he reiterated.

Meanwhile, Nemangkawi Task Force Chief, Brig. Gen. Roycke Harry Langie, confirmed that those suspected of killing two teachers in Julukoma Village, Beoga Sub-district, Puncak District, last week, had been identified.

After identifying the suspects, the task force is working with the Papua police chief to trace and crack down on the perpetrators, Langie remarked, adding that in conducting their duty, the Nemangkawi task force personnel are coordinating with their counterparts from the military and police personnel in the provinces of Papua and West Papua.

Several armed Papuan criminals opened fire at a kiosk in Julukoma Village on Thursday (April 8) at about 9:30 a.m. local time. The shooting incident resulted in the death of a Beoga public elementary school teacher, Oktovianus Rayo.

After killing Rayo, the armed attackers continued their acts of terror by torching three classrooms of the Beoga public senior high school.

On Friday (April 9), the armed Papuan criminals again assaulted another teacher, Yonatan Randen. This junior high school teacher was shot on his chest.

Several villagers attempted to save Randen's life by moving him to the Beoga public health center, but he died.

The armed Papuan criminals continued to pose a hindrance to the local authorities' endeavor to transport the slain teachers' coffins to Timika in Mimika District on Friday.

The notorious armed criminals, who stayed put in the Beoga Airport area, allowed an aircraft carrying the coffins to fly on Saturday (April 10) only after having received a ransom.
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