Corruption impedes Indonesia's efforts to become high-income nation

Corruption impedes Indonesia's efforts to become high-income nation

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati at the launch of Corruption Prevention Action in Jakarta, Tuesday. (13/4/2021). ANTARA/Astrid Faidlatul

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Corrupt practices will hamper Indonesia's endeavors to become a country with high income, dignity, and level of public welfare, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati stated.

"Preventing corrupt practices and building a comprehensive anti-corruption system will greatly determine whether a nation can continue its journey to become high-income and dignified and with better welfare benefits," Indrawati noted at the launch of Corruption Prevention Action in Jakarta on Tuesday.

To this end, the minister expressed belief that firm and credible law enforcement coupled with various forms of education and communication would unitedly help to eradicate corruption.

"That is because governance and integrity are extremely important foundations for a nation," she affirmed.

Moreover, Indrawati reiterated that multifarious endeavors to prevent corruption should not only become a slogan but also necessitate synergy from all stakeholders and societal levels.

The minister highlighted the crucial role of stakeholders in ensuring honesty and integrity as well as creating a system that can spot early indications of corrupt actions.

Indrawati noted that the focus of the national strategy team for corruption prevention on licensing and trade administration, state finances, and law enforcement and bureaucratic reform was an important step.

"The three areas of focus are very important and have been elaborated in the actions to prevent corruption and implemented by all ministries and agencies tasked with prioritizing these three aspects," she expounded.

The minister further remarked that from the Finance Ministry’s perspective, it continues to conduct monitoring and take various actions to prevent corruption through streamlining regulations and policies.

Indrawati cited as an example the efforts undertaken through the integration of import quotas by utilizing import data in order to optimize state revenues and increase supervision.

"We continue to conduct reforms in the national logistics sector to improve the performance of the Indonesian logistics system to make it more competitive and manageable," she remarked.

Furthermore, from the expenditure side, the Ministry of Finance strives to prevent corruption through budgetary planning, particularly in the procurement of goods and services on the basis of good, transparent, and accountable governance.

Indrawati spoke of her side having integrated electronic-based planning and budgeting with all ministries and agencies as well as local governments to facilitate transparent monitoring.

"Through the application of digital technology, we are upbeat about the interaction between the bureaucracy and stakeholders being conducted in a much more certain, professional, transparent, and non-corrupt manner," the minister emphasized. Related news: Economic growth impaired by corrupt practices: Minister Hartarto
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