The WHO announces that the efficacy must be at least 50 percent. Hence, anything above 50 percent is feasible
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Medical Association’s (IDI's) spokesperson Iris Rengganis affirmed that the vaccine produced by Chinese company Sinovac is suitable for use, as its efficacy was above the threshold set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

"The WHO announces that the efficacy must be at least 50 percent. Hence, anything above 50 percent is feasible. The important aspect is that it is safe," Rengganis, concurrently head of the Advocacy Team for Vaccination, noted in a statement on Wednesday.

On the basis of clinical trials in Brazil, Sinovac vaccine’s efficacy reaches 50.3 or 50.4 percent.

"This is because we need it during a pandemic. Hence, we do not really look at brands anymore," she stated.

Rengganis pointed out that the most important aspect is the vaccine’s availability and safety, so there was no need to fuss about the aspect of effectiveness.

"Later, the issue of effectiveness could be dealt with. If necessary, next it will be repeated. Hence, there is no need to make a fuss about it. The important aspect is that the WHO can clear its efficacy. All our studies will look at the effectiveness of vaccines," she noted.

Rengganis noted that the vaccine's efficacy level had no impact on health and would not poison the vaccine recipients, so its use was safe.

Comparisons cannot be made regarding efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine since it is different for each country, she remarked.

"We will see as time goes on. We will see the effectiveness of the vaccine later," she stated.

Rengganis highlighted Indonesia’s plans to acquire Moderna and Pfizer vaccines in order to meet the country’s needs.

Some 70 percent of Indonesians are targeted to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, so more vaccines are required.

"Hence, we need more vaccines. We want them from other countries to meet our needs, so that herd immunity can be achieved," she stated.

Indonesia has, so far, relied mostly on Sinovac's vaccine for its vaccination program. More than 10 million people have been vaccinated, and over half of them have received the second shot.

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