Hannover Messe an opportunity for digital cooperation: Kartasasmita

Hannover Messe an opportunity for digital cooperation: Kartasasmita

Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita (right), accompanied by the ministry’s director general of resilience, territory and international industrial access, Eko S.A. Cahyanto (front left) and the ministry’s director general of agro industry, Abdul Rochim (back left), opens a pre-conference announcing Indonesia as a partner country for the Hannover Messe 2021, the world’s largest technology expo. (ANTARA / Public Relations Bureau of the Ministry of Industry / pri)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Hannover Messe 2021, the world's largest industrial technology exhibition, has opened up opportunities for cooperation for the development of Indonesia's digital infrastructure, Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, has said.


"We see the importance of the Hannover Messe event not only as a national branding event, but also (as a chance) to accelerate the improvement of the capabilities of the manufacturing sector and the development of digital infrastructure in Indonesia," he said in a statement received in Jakarta on Thursday.


According to the Minister of Industry, the ‘Hannover Messe 2021: Digital Edition’ event has created great opportunities for cooperation between national and global companies, especially in relation to the development of digital technology.


"Because we know, with the use of digital technology, productivity can be more efficient and products can be of higher quality," he said.


Like physical infrastructure, digital infrastructure is also an important element for the development of the manufacturing industry sector, he noted.


"Digital infrastructure will spur competitiveness so that it will be more competitive in the global market. In addition, it also needs to be supported by fundamental technologies for Industry 4.0, including artificial intelligence, internet of things, wearables (augmented reality and virtual reality), advanced robotics, and 3D printing," Kartasasmita said.


In order to achieve the goal, the Ministry of Industry is encouraging the electronics industry to support efforts to build digital infrastructure in the country. This is because the development of digital infrastructure is vital for attracting investors to build factories, especially in industrial areas, the minister explained.


"Therefore, industrial estate management companies need to provide infrastructure and facilities that support the application of this digital technology. Of course, (the focus must remain on) what suits the needs of investors, one of which is the availability of connection networks and supporting digital facilities,” said director general of metal, machinery, transportation and electronics equipment (ILMATE) at the Industry Ministry, Taufiek Bawazier.


One Indonesian electronics industry — PT Schneider Electric Manufacturing Batam (SEMB) — has successfully entered the ranks of the Global Lighthouse Network, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2019.


"SEMB has become a role model for other manufacturing companies to be able to implement Industry 4.0. Moreover, the electronics industry is one of the priority sectors based on the roadmap of Making Indonesia 4.0," Bawazier said. (INE)

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