We have to carry on the extraordinary tradition of Kartini, which is to be a game-changer
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, has urged women to step up and become “game-changers” in order to help Indonesia become a developed country.

"We have to carry on the extraordinary tradition of Kartini, which is to be a game-changer,” the minister said here on Wednesday.

Indrawati said that women today can use Raden Ajeng Kartini as a reference in efforts to bring a change in the nation while using reason, ethics, and smart arguments.

"Breaking down (of gender barriers) is not (to be undertaken) with anarchy, not with cursing, not by bullying, but coherently, but sharply with an argument and logic that is very relevant and related to the interests of the entire nation and the people," she remarked.

Therefore, Indrawati emphasized that women must get adequate education so that they can produce thoughts that can help Indonesia achieve a greater level of development.

This is in line with the various efforts made by RA Kartini to realize a big hope — that women get the same opportunities as men in getting an education, she pointed out.

However, she reiterated that education is not meant to make women compete with men, but to encourage building of a more advanced civilization in the nation and state.

"Our generation is billed by Kartini's generation, that is, with the opportunities and education we get, we can do what (we want) for the nation. Not only family," Indrawati remarked. (INE)

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