Beware of calorie-dense foods during Eid to prevent stroke: Doctor

Beware of calorie-dense foods during Eid to prevent stroke: Doctor

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Jakarta (ANTARA) - Neurologist at the Islamic General Hospital (RSUI), Dinda Diafiri, advised the public to steer clear from consuming high-calorie foods and beverages or excessive sugar during Eid al-Fitr, as it can trigger hypertension and stroke.

Furthermore, decreased physical activity and forgetting to take medication could also be causative factors for both diseases.

Hence, through the hospital's press release, as quoted by ANTARA on Friday, Diafiri advised the public to not consume high-calorie and sugar-containing foods and drinks in excess quantities. On the other hand, people are advised to increase physical activity and take medication regularly to maintain body fitness.

Diafiri remarked that stroke is a non-communicable disease that has become the killer as well as the main cause of disability in Indonesia since 2014 until now.

A person suffering from stroke will exhibit several visible symptoms, such as asymmetrical lips when smiling, choking, sudden difficulty in swallowing water, and abrupt weakness, especially on one side of the body.

The other symptoms are difficulty in speaking or in understanding speech or suddenly being unable to speak. Sufferers also usually exhibit symptoms of numbness, tingling in part of the body, sudden vision loss, sudden severe headaches never experienced before, loss of balance, and lack of coordination.

"If someone experiences these symptoms, the patient must be immediately shifted to a health facility since every second will determine the patient's safety. Stroke has a golden period, emergency time for rescue, about 4.5 hours. If during this period, the sufferer is not treated immediately, then the risk of death and disability due to stroke can occur. Immediately rush to the hospital, so that the symptoms of stroke can be treated immediately," the doctor stated.

Diafiri noted that people experiencing related symptoms should be taken to the hospital immediately, so that treatment focusing on the brain function can be started, and it can further prevent the death of wider brain tissue.

The doctor remarked that stroke treatment by injecting a needle in the ear, hand, or foot tissue cannot be justified.

"Stroke is generally caused by a blockage or rupture in the blood vessels of the brain and not in the peripheral blood vessels of other limbs. Needling a limb poses the risk of causing infection if the needle is not sterile. A person exhibiting symptoms of a stroke must be taken to the hospital immediately," the doctor remarked. Related news: Five ways to prevent stroke: Doctor
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