Minister Sumadi lauds community for staying homebound

Minister Sumadi lauds community for staying homebound

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi (center) while reviewing the process of examining the antigen swab test at the Pulo Gebang Terminal, East Jakarta, during the homecoming exodus ban, Saturday (8/5/2021). (ANTARA / Dewa Ketut Sudiarta Wiguna)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi commended the people opting to stay homebound, as reflected in the drop in the number of passengers, even reaching over 95 percent in several transportation modes.

"I laud the public for understanding and abiding by the government’s ban on the homecoming exodus. Indeed, this policy is used to protect us all from exposure to COVID-19," the transportation minister remarked while inspecting the Pulo Gebang Terminal in East Jakarta on Saturday.

Sumadi noted that on the first day of the homecoming exodus ban, on Thursday (May 6), the number of passengers departing from the Pulo Gebang Terminal only reached 11 people, while on the second day on Friday (May 7), the figure was recorded at 40.

The minister expounded that the decrease in the movement of passengers out of Jakarta is estimated to be nearly 90 percent.

"Usually, that is one thousand people, though now, only 40 people were observed," he pointed out.

Meanwhile, the movement of passengers at the Soekarno Hatta Airport and other airports in the country also decreased, even up to 95 percent.

The minister noted that the homecoming ban was also implemented optimally for the rail transportation sector at the Pasar Senen Station, Jakarta.

"Today, I ensure that the government’s policy on banning the homecoming exodus is being implemented properly in various sectors. This morning, I went to the Pasar Senen Station and now at Pulo Gebang," he remarked.

The transportation minister also cited the reasons for the ban on going home while highlighting that the policy was adopted to contain the transmission of COVID-19.

Sumadi noted that the government had made an exception wherein people were permitted to travel specifically for non-homecoming purposes under four criteria -- family death, duty or service, pregnancy, and illness -- with the requirements to be met.

All these non-travelers must fulfill the requirements to bring a written permit, specifically a letter of entry and exit permit (SIKM) from the village head. Related news: Police turn back 32,815 vehicles on homecoming ban's second day
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