BNF to hold online program Rainforest Live on June 22

BNF to hold online program Rainforest Live on June 22

Palangka Raya, Central Kalimat (ANTARA) - Borneo Nature Foundation (BNF) has extended an invitation to all internet users to keep up with wildlife activities from rainforests worldwide through an online program called Rainforest Live.

Those seeking a positive diversion on June 22, 2021, "Rainforest: Live"' will be held to showcase the beauty of the rainforests and wildlife, according to Burhan of the Borneo Nature Foundation and Rainforest Live coordinator.

"Rainforest Live will leverage social media to share the knowledge and beauty of rainforests with people all over the world," Burhan noted here on Friday.

Not everyone is providential enough to experience the wonders of the forests, but social media is a potent tool to present it to a wide audience, he emphasized.

"Hence, we hope Rainforest Live would inspire people to care about rainforests and feel more enthusiastic about protecting nature," he remarked.

By searching and clicking the hashtag #RainforestLive on social media search pages, internet users can watch people observe wildlife directly from rainforests around the world.

Rainforest Live has been initiated by BNF since 2014 and was last held in 2017. This year, the program will be held for the fifth time after a three-year hiatus.

"This year, 13 conservation organizations from varied nations have confirmed their participation in the event," he remarked.

The annual event is planned to offer people a glimpse into tropical forests and firsthand experiences of conservation activities.

"People will see images and/or videos of orangutans, gibbons, tarsiers, birds, leopards, and several species that they may not have heard of before," he remarked.

BNF International Co Director Simon Husson noted that the international event is expected to help raise awareness on rainforest conservation.

"Despite several serious threats to rainforests, Rainforest Live is a day to celebrate all living creatures found in this incredibly beautiful habitat," Simon stated.


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