Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) has formed a cyber security team to prevent and handle digital attacks.

Formed in cooperation with the National Cyber and Encryption Agency (BSSN), the LIPI-Computer Security Incident Response Team (LIPI-CSIRT) will provide a number of services, including responding to cyber security incidents.

"The cooperation between LIPI and BSSN was formed for handling and recovering from cyber security incidents within the government sector, (and) at the same time, building resources for such handling and recovery measures at LIPI," said acting chief of the institute, Agus Haryono, during the launch of LIPI-CSIRT in Jakarta on Monday.

The team will also provide services that are more reactive in nature, including early warnings, response and recovery, as well protection against system vulnerability, he informed.

"It will also need to provide reactive services should there be incidents, both as artifacts or forensics, as well as security assessment services," he added.

Meanwhile, acting head of LIPI's Science Documentation and Data Center, Hendro Subagyo, elaborated that the team was formed to prevent incidents by proactively assessing and detecting threats, planning mitigation efforts, and reviewing the BSSN's information security architecture.

"CSIRT has the authority to handle security incidents that may happen or threaten the BSSN information system in the form of web defacement, DDOS, malware, and phishing. The support provided by the BSSN can vary depending on the type, impact, the incident itself, and the services that are used," he added.

LIPI was the target of a defacement attack in 2020 and detected ransomware on its central printer server in 2021, Subagyo said. The existence of the LIPI-CSIRT is deemed important to handle such attacks, he added.

Haryono said that data and information are important resources for an institution, especially in the current digital era. A cyber attack can interfere with security and accessibility to data and information, he pointed out.

Cyber security, he continued, is an effort to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in the face of digital attacks. (INE)

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