Indonesian govt to assist local developers at 2021 Tokyo Game Show

Indonesian govt to assist local developers at 2021 Tokyo Game Show

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Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, in cooperation with the Indonesian Game Association, will assist a number of selected gaming companies to join the 2021 Gamescom & Tokyo Game Show 2021, in a bid to support Indonesian game industry makers on the international stage.

"This is a diverse selection of chosen participants and they all are of excellent quality. They have the advantage of a valuation component and have a selling point. Next, we will equip them so that they can perform optimally at Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show 2021," said the Deputy for Marketing from the Ministry, Nia Niscaya, in a statement received here on Friday.

Gamescom is a world-renowned game trade and exhibition that will be held in August. The Tokyo Game Show is a video game exhibition that is recognized in the Asian region and will be held from September to October 2021.

Both events will be held via online and offline means, with Indonesia participating virtually. For the Gamescom event, Indonesia will also be working alongside the Trade Attache in the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin and the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) in Hamburg.

Following a two-phase curation process, the Ministry and the Game Association have selected a number of game developers who will be representing Indonesia in the events, including 30 delegates for the 2021 Gamescom and 19 for the Tokyo Game Show.

All delegates will be participating in the Archipelageek Goes to Gamescom & Tokyo Game Show 2021 program. Not only will they represent Indonesia in the events, but participants also have the opportunity to exhibit their products in the Indonesian pavilion virtual booth and carry out business transactions with international buyers.

"We hope that by joining these events, participants can exhibit the quality of Indonesian games on the international stage," she said.

Indonesia's participation in the events is also decided based on the positive contribution made by the games sub-sector towards the country's GDP in 2020.

According to data from the Tourism and Creative Economy Outlook of 2020-2021, the application and game developer sub-sectors had contributed 24.88 trillion rupiahs to the country's GDP. This indicates how the Indonesian gaming sub-sector has great potential in the global market.

Indonesia has participated in previous Gamescom & Tokyo Game Show events, including in 2020 and 2018.

The following is a list of participants who have been selected to represent Indonesia in the Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2021 events:

Indonesian delegates for the 2021 Gamescom:
1. 4happy Studio
2. Agate
3. Algorocks
4. Arsanesia
5. Ayoo Kreasi
6. Big Fire Studio
7. Engram Interactive
8. Extra Life Entertainment
9. Gambir Studio
10. GameChanger Studio
11. GOCpay
12. JEVO Games
13. Joyseed Gametribe
14. Kawarna Studio
15. Lyto
16. MelonCat
17. Miracle Gates Entertainment
18. Niji Games
19. Pendopo Studio
20. PT Megaxus Infotech
21. PT Melon Indonesia
22. Rainman Studios
23. Rolling Glory Jam
24. Satriver Studio
25. Seraph Games
26. SLAB
27. UNIQX Studio
28. Vertwo
29. Wisageni Studio
30. Xelo Games

Indonesian delegates for the 2021 Tokyo Game Show:
1. 4happy Studio
2. Agate
3. Algorocks
4. Ayoo Kreasi
5. Big Fire Studio
6. Engram Interactive
7. Extra Life Entertainment
8. Gambir Studio
9. GameChanger Studio
10. Joyseed Gametribe
11. Lyto
12. PT Megaxus Infotech
13. PT Melon Indonesia
14. Rainman Studios
15. Satriver Studio
16. Seraph Games
17. Vertwo
18. Wisageni Studio
19. Xelo Games.

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