Jakarta (ANTARA) - Rahmad Handoyo from the House of Representatives' Committee IX believes that enforcement of the community activities restriction policy helped to haul Indonesia out of the worst-case scenario in terms of the number of COVID-19 cases.

"From the statistics point of view, we must be grateful, as it is collective hard work from all stakeholders comprising the people, central government, regional government, and public elements. The level 4 community activities restriction policy had saved us from the worst some time ago," Handoyo remarked in Jakarta, on Friday.

The recovery rate of COVID-19 patients had kept increasing. As of August 10, 2021, some 41,486 had recovered per day, on a national scale, thereby bringing up the total number of recoveries to 3,171,147.

As of Thursday, August 12, 2021, some 36,637 other people recovered, thereby driving the national COVID-19 recovery rate to 3,247,715.

Handoyo reminded the public to stay aware and alert and not bring their guard down or become lax despite the statistics indicating that Indonesia’s recovery rate was improving.

"Remember, the (recovery rate) figure is still unstable. It might spike again if we brush off the health protocols," he cautioned.

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He cited the example of the United States that had recorded 11 thousand deaths a day, yet lately the figure had risen to up to 100 thousand deaths daily.

"A worrisome figure, isn't it? That will occur if we pretend to have emerged out of the crisis and think that we are free to do anything (in public)," he affirmed.

The house member once again cautioned the public to exercise vigil and caution against COVID-19 and suggested all to work together to keep the situation under control.

"We have to thank the public for all the patience, the economic stress (they went through), and (despite all that) they still want to fight together, work together hand-in-hand to control COVID-19 (situation) and get out of the worst," he stressed.

Handoyo believes it is the collective responsibility of one and all to suppress the COVID-19 death count. He added that the death toll was on a high several days ago, surpassing two thousand.

Apart from the need to continuously enforce health protocols, vaccination programs must also be conducted accordingly.

"I believe that by applying those two aspects, health protocols followed with discipline and vaccinations going according to the target, we can overcome this crisis," he stated.
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