The vaccination committee can work with various stakeholders, especially organizations or communities of people with disabilities
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Presidential Special Staff Angkie Yudistia has established coordination with the Ministry of Health and local health offices to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities during vaccination.

"I have coordinated with several stakeholders pertaining to the needs of disabled people for COVID-19 vaccination," Yudistia stated during an online seminar on Fulfillment of Rights and Protection of Persons with Disabilities During a Pandemic, Friday.

The vaccinators and the vaccination committee will be apprised of the developments, so that vaccination locations can appropriately handle disabled people.

She also drew attention to various needs of people with disabilities that should be accommodated. Hence, the committee of the vaccination center must be able to understand the basics of disability sensitivity based on their different disabilities.

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For physical disabilities, accessible facilities are deemed necessary. For instance, disabled people on wheelchairs or crutches cannot access stairs, so the organizers must provide adequate incline.

Furthermore, intellectual and mental disabilities will require trained assistants. To this end, Yudistia requested that the committee offer assistance at the vaccination site.

"The vaccination committee can work with various stakeholders, especially organizations or communities of people with disabilities," the founder of ThisAble Enterprise remarked.

She noted that people with sensory disabilities were segregated into two categories. First, for the visually impaired, the committee can offer adequate audio facilities to ensure all information is audible to people with visual impairments.

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The committee can also provide a clear braille sign of the vaccination route for people with visual impairments, so that the marks of the vaccination route were still easily comprehensible.

"Interpreters will be provided for disabled people with hearing problems, so they can interact clearly with them," she emphasized.

She is also coordinating with the Ministry of Social Affairs and local social affairs offices to reach targets for data collection of disabled people related to the acceleration of vaccination and distribution of social aid.

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"We also recommend active collaboration with organizations of people with disabilities in their respective regions," she emphasized.

Coordination with the Ministry of Home Affairs and local Population and Civil Registration Offices (Dukcapil) is also carried out to speed up the process of preparing population documents.

"The effort was made to provide disabled people with an identity number (NIK) that can be input into the Health Ministry’s system after they received the full dose of vaccine," she noted.

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