West Kalimantan has a lot of potential export commodities
Pontianak, West Kalimantan (ANTARA) - West Kalimantan exported 26.5 tons of durian paste to China during the simultaneous export send-off ceremony at 17 seaports and airports designated as export points nationwide today. "The West Kalimantan province participated in Merdeka Ekspor (Export Freedom) programme by exporting 26.5 tons of durian paste with total export value at Rp1.8 billion (around US$126,000)," West Kalimantan Food and Horticulture Office head Florentinus Anum stated on the export send-off ceremony in Pontianak.

The improvement of production quantity and quality for a potential export commodity such as durian should be continuous, Anum stated.

"West Kalimantan has a lot of potential export commodities. The governor has also reminded us that our exports will increase the commodities' values and local farmers' incomes," he said.

The authority’s assistance to local farmers and cooperation with exporters is essential to ensure market availability and price stability for the farmers and supply availability for the exporters, he noted.

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Besides durian, other West Kalimantan local commodities exported overseas under the Merdeka Ekspor programme today were decorative plants, dried grated coconut, palm kernel expeller, coconut milk, areca nuts, rubber, and swallow nest, at the total export value of Rp194.31 billion (around US$13 million).

Earlier, the province has recorded exports of nearly 53 tons of durian, mostly in its frozen form, to China every two months in February, April, and June this year. The province, at present, also has several durian processing factories that could assist in exports in the future, Anum added.

"Based on the data from Pontianak Class I Plant Quarantine Office, a total of 53 tons of durian are exported from West Kalimantan province every two months," he stated.

As of 2020, the total durian harvest reached 14,672 tons from 1,268 hectares of harvest area, a decline from the previous year harvest of 27,207 tons from a harvest area of 2,851 hectares, Anum informed.

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